Nightcrawler is a chilling thriller staring Jake Gyllenhaal as psychopath driven on getting the most shocking footage for the evening news. Nightcrawler is a great look at the rapid growth in our society desire for the media to shock us and get it instantly. Either it be TMZ or Liveleak, the market is there and someone with a good eye and low morals could find themselves having footage that someone wants to see.

Coming off last years Prisoners, Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom a lost young man who has read too many self help books and attended too many get rich quick semenars. Gyllenhaal carries Nightcrawler in how creepy his character approaches every person he comes in contact with. Someone direct and detached with little to no empathy. It is common in the movie for Bloom to start preaching self help babble to other characters and it really shows how off he is.

Even with a solid performance from Gyllenhaal Nightcrawler does have a couple hangups. The pacing does leave a lot to be desired as it really slows down close to the end with some long sequences between Gyllenhaal and his assistant. While the movie is disturbing, it didn't take the turns I figured it would based on the trailers (I figured Gyllenhaal character would start killing people to get footage).

Overall Nightcrawler is a solid thriller. Gyllenhaal again pulls off a creep with ease and the overall theme provides a sad commentary on what people want for their news.