My favorite games of 2014!

Shovel Knight reminds me of the games I grew up with. 2D platformer that is crazy hard. Jump puzzles that make you swear so often that your mother would be ashamed. Again, this is the type of game I grew up with and the type I hope stick around.

Child of Light is truly beautiful. Seriously. This light RPG is a living fairy tale. This is the type of game I wish more studios would greenlight. A charming, short, well developed adventure. Well worth the price!

TowerFall Ascension is back again. I am kind of cheating, since I had TowerFall on my list last year, but the PS4 version beats fighting on those Ouya controllers. TowerFall Ascension makes me wish there were more couch play multiplayer games out there.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor takes the well developed formula of Assassin's Creed and adds in some of the solid combat mechanics of the Batman Arkham series and places that is the deep world of Middle Earth. Monolith has really outdone themselves with this game.

Sunset Overdrive feels like a time warp to me. Somehow I am playing a Jet Set Radio type game on my Xbox One with huge awesome weapons! The game just screams style. Everything about it is so well put together. The character art is amazing, and I'm not saying that because I know the lead character artist, though he is cool too. Sunset Overdrive does what I like about games and that is having fun!

Threes! is the perfect game for the phone and really one of the strongest games on my list. Simple yet incredibly challenging. Threes! is why everyone should be supporting and buying games on iOS and Google Play.

Mini Metro isn't even technically out yet, it is in Early Access on Steam, but it is so fun! It reminds me of the late nights playing SimCity 2000 in my teens. Who would have thought that something as simple as making efficient subway lines could be so addictive! Serious if you are into challenging building and management type games, then Mini Metro is perfect for you!

Chasm is another game that isn't technically out yet, but I can't pass up an awesome Metroidvania game! Seriously even in an alpha state for those that supported it on Kickstarter, the game is great. Has lots of depth, great challenge, graphics are great and again reminds me of the games I grew up with.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War has all the feels. The dog! The dog! Serious! That damn dog! This beautiful 2D adventure puzzle game taking place in World War I. Who makes a game about World War I? Well Ubisoft Montpellier did and they built a masterpiece telling a story that explains some of the more difficult parts of war.