Blogging with Ghost

So I have been using Wordpress for a number of years, and it has served me well, but I have been starting to mess around with node.js and Ruby on Rails, both of which my current web host doesn't offer. After looking at my options I ended up setting up a virtual machine on DigitalOcean, and figured I'd install Ghost and start trying it out.

After years of using Wordpress for blogging, it has become larger and larger, and really it is a full featured CMS and perhaps a little much for just my random thoughs. After some looking around, I found Ghost. After trying out Medium, which was impressive but the things that make Medium great are also its fall back. It is a little intimidating publishing on there.

So after firing up a DigitalOcean instance, and grabbed and figured I'd try this out and see how I like it.

I'm already enjoying the simple and light interface and feel of Ghost, but I am having to get used to writing in markdown. I'll figure it out.

So please enjoy while I get a hang of things and I hope this lets me write more and more.