Collin Moore

Painful Ghost Migration

I decided that I should start to write a bit more, so figured I'd dust off the old Ghost site and while I'm at it consolidate some of the random websites I run

Local's Guide to PAX West

PAX Prime West is back and I figured with the influx of travels visiting to the great city of Seattle, I figured I'd write some tips on how to survive PAX as well

2016 Year In Review: Games

Not working in games has really allowed me to just play them for fun, which has been very rewarding and lets me be more critical. It also means I didn't play nearly as

2016 Year In Review: Movies

Pretty solid year in movies. Some fun blockbusters, some great hidden gems and a couple surprises. Hell or High Water From the writer of Sicaro (one of my favorites of 2015 [https://shinyidol.

2016 Year in Review: Music

Now that I work for a music company (go check out Napster []), I have been listening to a lot more music. Here are some of my favorites for 2016!