Local's Guide to PAX West

PAX Prime West is back and I figured with the influx of travels visiting to the great city of Seattle, I figured I'd write some tips on how to survive PAX as well as how to enjoy everything that Seattle has to offer.


Seattle has had a VERY dry and warm summer and this weekend is going to be no different. With temperatures getting into the mid to high 80's!

  • Have Water
  • Wear antiperspirant/deodorant
  • Be comfortable

Getting Around

Seattle has a number of ways to get around in the city. Metro the bus system can typically get you anyplace you want to go and if you are just going north and south, then Sound Transit Light Rail is totally an option as well. Note that they did close the Convention Center stop in the tunnel for the train, so you would need to get off at Westlake Center which is just a couple blocks away.

Ride Share! Seattle has Uber and Lyft. Both are great in the city. I'm sure there will also be promotional codes around the city.

Notice any bright green or orange bikes around? You can use those via Limebike or Spin. Just sign up on your phone, unlock the bike and ride away. Just leave it on the street when you are done.

Food & Drinks

Seattle has TONS of great places to eat that aren't the Subway in the Convention Center. Venture out a little and check out some of the following places.

McMenamins Six Arms

Just a couple blocks up Pike Street you will find McMenamins Six Arms known for the craft brew and good burgers and TATOR TOTS!!


Even though it is going to be hot, a good bowl of ramen is worth it! It will be busy, but worth it.

Great State Burger

Walk a couple extra blocks and get a tasty burger and shake from Great State Burger. Should also be far enough away from the convention to have a nice break.

Neon Boots

Get crunked at Neon Boots. Cheap beer. Bright neon lighting. Take a selfie in the bathroom, #neonboots.

Linda's Tavern

One of the last great dive bars in Capitol Hill, Linda's is known for their strong pours, tall boys and brunch. Get some drinks on Friday night and wake up on Saturday morning and get some pancakes before heading back to PAX.

Sizzle Pie & Dark Bar

What happens when you take pizza, have vegan-friendly options, name everything straight from a metal record and place it above a goth night club? You get Sizzle Pie & Dark Bar. They have all your normal types of pizza, but I would suggest getting the Gold Ring. So good!

Dick's Drive-In

Need to sober up or have a couple bucks in your pocket, then Dick's Drive-In is worth checking out. Simple basic burger. No substitutions here. Get a Dick's Deluxe, Fries and a shake. Hits the spot for sure!

Marination Ma Kai

A quick trip on the Seattle Water Taxi will take you to West Seattle and near Marination Ma Kai. With amazing food, a huge outdoor deck (remember it is going to be mid-80s!) and one of the best views of Seattle, it would be worth the field trip!

Places to go!

You are in Seattle. Go out and see a little of Seattle! There is more to do here than PAX.

Seattle Pinball Museum

Head down into the International District and find the Seattle Pinball Museum. Play as many games as you want for $15.

Alki Beach

Take the Seattle Water Taxi across Elliot Bay to West Seattle. Walk on the beach, have some ice cream, sit in the grass and watch the water. This would be a great place to take a break from everything happening at PAX.

Columbia Tower Sky View

Take three elevators up to the tallest building in Seattle for amazing 270-degree views of the entire area.

Those are just a small list of places to go and things to see in Seattle. Venture out a bit and enjoy EVERYTHING that Seattle has to offer when you are visiting for PAX.