Lost of Irrational Games

I was fortunate enough to have the oppertunity to work at Irrational Games a couple years ago. Sadly it didn't work out, but it forever changed my life from the things I learned while I was there as well as the amazing friendships I cheerish to this day.

This last week we got the sad news that Take 2 would be shutting down Irrational Games, while continuing its relationship with Ken Levine in allowing him to establish a small new studio with a staff of around 15 people.

I am saddened by the though of all my friends now being unemployed and now seeking work. These are amazingly talented people, and I'm sure that they will land on their feet quickly. However, majority of them will have to relocate as the game development scene in Boston has hit hard times, including a layoff at Turbine just two weeks ago.

I look forward to hearing where all my friends and former co-workers land, and hopeful that some may even land out here in the Seattle area (we have lots of developers here). I wish everyone luck with their job hunts.

Collin Moore

Collin Moore