Painful Ghost Migration

I decided that I should start to write a bit more, so figured I'd dust off the old Ghost site and while I'm at it consolidate some of the random websites I run into a single instance on Digital Ocean with multiple domains running. Well getting multiple site running was pretty painless, but what came back to haunt me was not upgrading Ghost.

When I exported it was running "version":"007" in the JSON export. I didn't even look, but it was running a pre 1.0 verison of Ghost for over SEVEN YEARS! Well it appears lots has changed in those seven years, including the export JSON schema, so my backup isn't valid.

I tried to do some local installs to install an older version to find where I could migrate, but ran into some NodeJS incompatiblity issues as the Ghost 1.0 used NodeJS v6 and NodeJS is currently on v15. So yeah, things have changed.

So I'm having to go back and cut/paste every post back in by hand. So expect some errors, but I'll get it all back up here soon enough.

But hopefully this just means I'll start to post again at some normal frequency.